Cool Technology Solutions Inc
                   with Aerospace International Research Center
          at Farnborough International Air Show 14 to 20 July 2014


            Compact Cold plate                  Thin Cold plate                Top&Bottom active surfaces


            Laser Industry                    Aerospace and Car Industry          Powerful Electronics


Constant increase in dissipated power combined with constant decrease in size of electronic devices demands utilization of thermally efficient and economically effective thermal management solutions, technologies, and devices.


Miniature Onboard Heat Sink    Liquid-Liq. Heat Exchanger   Set of Various Cold Plates

Our specialty is development and implementation of various Submerged Jets Cooling Technologies including our own Swirling Jet-Steams™, Vortex Jets™ and Wave Jets™. Unique cold plates, heat exchangers, and heat sinks that utilize these break-thru patent-pending technologies allow pushing your electronic equipment beyond any conventional performance limits and reliability boundaries.      


          Thermoelectric                  Multi-Stage Thermoelectric       Benchtop Environmental

         Air Conditioner                              Module                                        Chamber

Unmatched in versatility and reliability thermoelectric modules developed by our partner TherModus are manufactured at their state-of-the-art facility utilizing cutting edge materials and techniques to exactly match customer specifications, and are among the most economical in the world.

Highly accurate electronics' thermal management control systems developed and manufactured by our other partner Double Check Ltd. are extremely reliable, environmentally friendly, and are easy to learn and use.